Victorian Silver Slide and Chain Front
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Victorian Silver Slide and Chain

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Victorian pendant watch chains with a slide like this one were worn by women and men. Although, this style for men was not long lasting. These highly versatile chains were referred to as watch, muff, guard, or lorgnette chains. The slide can be moved up or down along the chain to accommodate the desired drape. The swivel clasp was the usually the choice for the end to which watches or other items can be attached.

This wonderful example is comprised of 800 silver. The slide is beautifully adorned with a red glass stone representing a flower set atop two detailed broad leaves. Along the edge, there are three areas of textured accents. This long chain can be worn many different ways with a pendant, watch or brooch attached the end. The latter can be affixed to clothing allowing the chain to drape.

Date: 1890s

Measurements: 30" length, slide 1/2" by 5/8"

Hallmarks: 800 on swivel clasp

Stones: Glass

Condition: Excellent condition

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